A Monochrome Life

Ever wondered how this world would look when the light stops to emit or reflect from the objects around us?

Instagrammer ‘The Noir Experiment’ tries to capture the beauty of nature around us with its unique way of capturing photographs in the absence of color, name and faces of people. The images are simple yet powerful in a very self-pertaining manner screaming out tiny stories of random things that takes place around us in our daily lives yet goes unnoticed to most people.

The Instagramer seems to follow a strict protocol with its captioning game while uploading the images. Each image is uploaded under the three verses: Perspectives, Conceptions and Counterparts relating to outdoor photography, indoor photography and images of the significant other respectively. It is more interesting to figure out that the page tries to keep it low-key by avoiding hastags. But we firmly believe the works on the page deserve more love.

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