Reduce, Recycle & Reuse Today For A Plastic-Free Tomorrow

Plastic products which were once our savior are now becoming our own biggest threat. The accumulation of plastic products in the Earth’s environment affecting the living organisms dwelling on the surface of the Earth is termed as plastic pollution and it has become one of the most concerning pollution in the world today. It can afflict land, waterways, oceans, and air when burnt in the open air. From the beginning of plastic production in the 1950s up to 2018, an estimated 6.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced worldwide, of which an estimated 9% has been recycled and another 12% has been incinerated. As of 2018, about 380 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide every year. India alone produces about 25,940 tons of plastic and more than 97,000 tons of solid waste per day. Earlier this year, on World Environment Day, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on the world to fight plastic pollution and other environmental pollution. We all are aware of the ill-effects of plastic pollution but no one is actually investing their own time and energy in this battle against plastic but using plastic products in almost every aspect of our daily chores and we cannot blame them, too. Plastic in various forms has now become an integral part of human lives that we don’t know how to get rid of it. We all use plastic in some form or the other in everything that we use or do. Now, we cannot imagine a world without plastic. But if we don’t act now then, by the time we all come to our right senses, it might be too late for us. We just cannot stop using plastic right away and replace it with something better but we definitely can find and use alternatives where possible so as to reduce the usage and production of plastic in the world. So, below listed are some of the alternatives that we all can use or try in place of plastic products:

  1. Use Reusable Straws, Spoons, Cups & Plates: Instead of using plastic straws, spoons, cups, and plates, carry and use your own stainless-steel straws and spoons, paper cups and paper plates or other reusable products whenever you eat outside.
  2. Carry Reusable Bottles: Plastic bottles take 450-1000 years to decompose and 1 million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute around the world. Now, imagine the number of water bottles that must have been discarded every day. So, carry glass or stainless-steel bottles instead of purchasing water bottles every time you need drinking water.
  3. Carry Bags: Carrying your own canvas and reusable carry bags made of cotton, jute, hemp, nylon, and leather are best alternatives to plastic shopping bags. Most of these bags are lightweight, customizable with your own designs and easy to carry wherever you travel.
  4. Pre-Cycle & Recycle: Learning the basic knowledge of pre-cycle and recycle processes of waste management will certainly help us in fighting plastic pollution as our daily waste also contributes to a large amount of plastic pollution. Pre-cycling is the practice of determining the right number of products that are essential and products that comes in plastic packages and finding ways to avoid them or at least minimize them. It’s about making the best decisions from the choices that are available to us such as picking up vegetables from local farmers market carrying our own reusable bag, buying milk in a glass or stainless-steel bottles, carrying canvas tote bags while shopping instead of expecting plastic bags from stores and vendors, etc. Recycling is the process of transforming waste products into new materials and objects. Not only plastic products but there are various materials that can be recycled viz. glass, paper, cardboard, metal, tires, textiles, and electronics. So, we need to get such waste to the respective recycling facilities instead of just dumping it along with other waste products.
  1. Get Involved: On top of avoiding plastic products ourselves, we should also try to spread the awareness to our friends, family, neighborhood and society for a larger impact. We need to create online forums, awareness campaigns in the neighborhood, activities in community spaces and workplaces to bring in more people.

It is not the responsibility for the government or any other establishment alone to look into this matter and work it out, each and every one of us is responsible for it and we should work on it until the last scrap of plastic waste gets removed from the soil of the Earth. We may not be able to win this battle in a day or two but if we start today, tomorrow will certainly be a better day.

Polar Lights comes back with brand new single ‘Fallout’ after two years!

Dimapur’s Indie-rock giants Polar Lights dropped off a brand new single ‘Fall Out‘ last Saturday after two years since their EP ‘Talking To The Trees.’ And, we got to admit, it was definitely worth the wait.

We had a brief chat with the band here’s what they quoted, “Talking To The Trees came out October of 2016. So, it’s been about two years since we last put out fresh material. A lot has changed since then. We have Moa Pongen, filling in on drum duties now, one of us just recently got married and we’ve just been touring a lot. 

Fallout’ was born out of the experiences and all of the things we’ve had to through as people and as musicians. We began writing for it in January and took us maybe about a month to have it ready for production. The production work took us a little more time than expected. We just wanted to it right sonically. 

We’re working on putting out more material before the year comes to a close and maybe an album by mid-summer of next year. But definitely more music, more videos and definitely more tours.”

We wish Polar Lights the best for their upcoming projects. Now, you can get their brand new single ‘Fallout’ for free download on their official website www.polarlightsband.comor It’s available for stream on YouTube and soon on Spotify and Apple Music as well.

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Trance Effect, a freshly-brewed Indie-Pop quintet from Dimapur, releases its debut single ‘Stop Pretending’.

Hailing from Dimapur, the music hub of Nagaland, Trance Effect is one of the most promising fresh act in the local indie music scene of Nagaland who grew up watching their local artists and bands performing live. With just a very short while into the live music business, the indie quintet dropped off their debut single ‘Stop Pretending’ today.

Trance Effect is comprised of Iuli Yeptho, a dynamic live performer, on vocals, Temsujungba Jamir and Wati Imchen on guitars, Imnamaong Imchen on bass and Sosang on drums. Each of the band members enjoy different styles of music yet the mutual love of performing live music drew them together into forming the band. “We would describe our sound as somewhat of a melodic approach to the indie music genre. We’re all from different musical backgrounds but we all love to create beautiful melodic music. As for the band’s name, ‘Trance’ which is a more melodic offshoot from techno or house music is what drives our music even though we don’t have a DJ in the band. So, we named the band Trance Effect,” said the band.

Stop Pretending is written by Iuli Yeptho and it talks about the struggles and hardships a person faces in life. It talks about trying to stop pretending to be something one is not and to have a positive view on life. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Jam Studio 11 by Temjen Jamir, one of the best recording studio in Nagaland, Stop Pretending is now available on OK Listen, ReverbNation and YouTube and it will be up on various global digital stores like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Saavn, Amazon Music, Gaana, Guvera & SoundCloud in a few days.

So, now that the single is online, the band is planning to shoot an official music video for the “Stop Pretending’ and start working on new stuff so that they have enough materials for an EP by the end of this year. “To be honest there are lots of great bands out there in the NE but we’d love to share the stage with Avora Records and we’d love to play in Shillong in the near future,” said Trance Effect.

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Shillong’s own mathrock quartet Sky Level releases its long-awaited debut EP entitled Time.

Two keen mathrock music enthusiast, Denzil Swer and Sonny Taba, introduced this unevenly structured genre of music with irregular patterns and unpredictable polyrhythms to their bandmates of Sky Level and made them dig more into it. The bunch soon began to jam to the likes of Toe, Tom’s Story, Chon, and Lite. In no time, they started to pick up on odd-time signature moves and write their own materials and play live in and around the Northeast regions of the country.

Founded in 2014, with the intention of playing original music, Sky Level is Sonny Taba, and Meban Lyngdoh on guitars, Pynshai Kharchandy on bass and Denzil Swer on drums after a few changes in their lineup over the past. Being the only mathrock outfit in the whole North East India (In a country where mathrock is still very new), Sky Level is one of the most underrated band in the NE regions. It’ll be extremely surprising for many to find out that the quartet has been playing live for almost 4 years now and they have bagged titles in big music events such as Meghalaya Icon 5 (2014) and Mood Indigo Bombay (2016), have made appearances in giant music festivals of NE India such as Music For Change, Rocktober Fest, Orange Festival, Ziro Music Festival and many more on top of opening for Crown The Empire (Texas, US) at IIT Bombay in 2016.

Time is a complete DIY project. It was recorded and edited by Denzil, the drummer of the band. Their mutual friend Jacob P’nlook help them out with the mixing and mastering processes. The band has come a super challenging yet creative way on making this release possible. Even the release date had to be delayed for a few months due to the unceasing production works that band had to cover on their own. “It has been quite difficult for us to cope up with everything as we wanted the best effects for our EP. The hard work was challenging but worthy”, quoted Denzil Swer.

Time (EP): Tracklisting:

  1. Friday Jam
  2. Indigo
  3. Rollercoaster
  4. Time

Recorded & Edited by Denzil Swer.

Mixed & Mastered by Jacob P’nlook.

Artwork by Rui Xing.

Teaser Video & Graphics by Jerry Chen.

Time is available for online purchases and streaming on the various music streaming websites below: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Saavn, Gaana, Google Play Music, Deezer and OK Listen.

Now that the EP is out on all major music streaming sites, the band is working on releasing the physical copies soon. A giant EP promotional tour is also in the pipeline for the band before they get back to writing new materials for more releases in the near future.

Best wishes to Sky Level!

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Longboarding with a purpose: Canadian Longboarder Nick Kielback’s short visit to Manipur.

Last month, Nicholas Kielback, a longboarder from Quebec, Canada set out on a journey and came all the way down to Manipur, India to explore the land of diversity and swing with the local longboarding and skateboarding communities after he discovered about the first ever Downhill Competition taking place in India at Tanglei Festival Oinam, Manipur. He didn’t know a single soul here prior to his journey but he was totally sure of the incredible time that was ahead with the longboard crew, at least, and so he did but more than he ever expected and with a whole bunch of other people he met during his stay. 

Nick not only enjoyed multiple longboarding sessions in and out of the town after claiming the title for the Downhill Competition at Tanglei Festival, Oinam but also made the most of his trip making friends with a ton of local people, trying out various Manipuri foods, learning to speak basic sentences in Manipuri like, “Have you eaten?” or  “One tea, please!”, and most evidently, by supporting the local longboard crew, Longboard Crew India, Manipur with tree plantation initiatives and campaigns on harmful effects of using plastic bags and its recycling process through their initiative A Hundred Tree, an environmental services team based in Oinam. On Earth Day 2018, along with the team, he pushed across Imphal city to raise awareness on how badly the city needs bike and skateboards to cut down on the swiftly increasing pollution rate inside the city. How inspiring!

Nick has been an amazing friend to everyone whom he during his stay and a gem to the local longboarding family. He left for Guwahati from Imphal to continue with his exploration in the fall of April. We had an amazing time catching up with him. We wish him the best in his future endeavors. Big ups to Boris Nongthomba and his amazing longboard crew for making it happen.

Find out more about Nick and Longboard Crew India, Manipur by watching the brief conversation we had with him.

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5 Best Releases Of 2017.

The year 2017 has been a fabulous year of musical discovery – a statement maker in the local music scene of Imphal city. The year saw solid musical progression on a stepped-up level resulting in music fans of the city tapping their feet to various new sounds coming out from the newly evolved bands. There were ample of great releases this year. Here are our 5 best picks of 2017. 

1. Lo! Peninsula  – Chasing Tidal Waves (Single)

Genre: Shoegaze/Dream pop

Released: July 29

The first and only shoegaze outfit of the city, Lo! Peninsula, gave birth to this prodigal single at the right time of the year. Chasing Tidal Waves has been a remarkable statement in the growing local indie music scene. The single was reviewed on E-pao, aired on Brooklyn Free Radio and featured on ennuidotbomb’s compilation Stupiditties 11: Ask 11 Brewers, Get 10 Answers, and of course, embraced with intimate affection by everyone.



2. 15 LightgreyYou Are The Only One (Single)

Genre: Electronic/ Experimental Ambience

Released: August 7

Previously, the song-writer/guitarist of the biggest indie group The Dirty Strikes, Tom Maisnam’s latest experimental electronic music journey 15 Lightgrey takes us to the exact opposite spectrum of what he used to sound like, unearthing his diverse musical identity. He has released three other singles earlier this year viz. A New Sign, Ready For Moon and A Brand New Shape before You Are The Only One turned ou­­­­­­­­t big and made it to the Stupiditties 11: Ask 11 Brewers, Get 10 Answers by ennuidotbomb alongside his local buds Lo! Peninsula.


3. EyoomEidi Ethantani (EP)

Genre: Alternative/Contemporary Folk

Released: October 5

Following 2015’s single ‘Nangtani,Eyoom still tries to drive through the nostalgic yesteryears and paint pictures about lost love and the other uncertain sides of life in their new EP ‘Eidi Ethantani’. It’s evident that the band has a rich song-writing skill that has helped them garner this stage where they stand today and it’ll only be uphill from here if they carry on the same imaginative energy in their music going forward. Let’s see what the folk quintet has to offer in the coming years.


4. AtingkokAroobana Mataida (Single)

Genre: Alternative Folk

Released: October 14

Atingkok can be considered as Imphal’s only folk band who has successfully infused Manipuri folk elements in their sounds. Continuing its originality, the band finally released ‘Aroobana Mataida,’ a deliberate slow tempo-ed track that is ready to give you permanent pleasing shivers. The track has been also featured as an original soundtrack for a Manipuri movie ‘Laman Ama’. Kudos to the band for their inspirational pieces.


5. SilheibaKhallui (Single)

Genre: Indie/Pop Rock

Released: November 7

Singer/songwriter Silheiba, ex-frontlead of Tarzan And The Perverts, came off with his debut solo project that took us all with a huge surprise in the fall. The single ‘Khallui’ still outshines the old fuzzy fast-tempo punk-pop driven sound that he started off his musical journey with. Lyrically, it seemed that he had lots to release off his chest on this track about love, trust and betrayal. The creative stop-motion music video of the track featuring the singer himself as the protagonist made it more engaging for the viewers.