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Name: Yaiphahenba Laishram

Age: 25

Occupation: Illustrator

City: Imphal


I’m Yaiphahenba Laishram and I come from a small family of five members; my parents, me and my three younger siblings. Dad works as a senior accountant in MGT TATA MOTORSand Mom as an LDC in Lamphel Minor Irrigation Department Manipur. I have completed my masters in Visual Communication Design from the Institute of DAIICT, Gujarat and I am currently on the lookout for a suitable Graphic Designing job in Bangalore.


Since early days I had an inclination towards all things artistic and so after my senior high school, I wanted to go to the best Fine Arts Institute and learn more about art. But having brought up in a country like ours where the major population believes that opting only medical science or engineering makes us successful in life, somehow, I was also convinced to take up Engineering, and so I did. I studied my B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from RITM, Bangalore and that’s when I realized that Engineering was not my cup of tea. So, finally after completing the degree I decided to take up a course where I could learn to merge my interest (art) and the technical know-how I acquired. During that time, through a very close friend of mine, I got to know about CEED (Common Entrance Exam for Design). I was not successful on my first attempt, but I got to learn a lot about the nature of the exam. I got through on my second attempt and that’s how I got into DAIICT.


I start off by trying to see the simplest and the most striking element of the picture (backbone structure) which easily stands out. I roughly start from there and when I’m really satisfied with the initial draft I move on to add shadows and more specific detailing on the background, hair, lips, etc. for the final touch.


I work with different mediums; pencil, watercolors, acrylics, oil paints, and digital graphics. I, however, prefer working more if not less with pencil and on portraitures at that. Also, I basically go for subjects which have interesting details; eyes are one such feature I emphasize on whenever I draw a portraiture. I also like complex structures and shapes which contains a lot of diverse elements in it, such as the human anatomy, which is one fine subject to start with.


Nature itself has always had a strong influence on me. Since my early days, I always wanted to imitate the art of nature and portray it in my works as much as possible. Artists like Michael Angelo, Hayao Miyazaki, Gottfried Helnwein and Marco Mazzoni has also influenced me considerably.


Columbia: I once drew the Sony Pictures Columbia (The lady with the torch) during my final years of B.Tech, if my memory serves me right. What led me to draw that scene was the fascination that stemmed within me after I watched the opening scene to my first Hollywood movie, which begins with the image of Sony Pictures Columbia. I wanted to draw that image ever since and so I did, almost 20 years later. It holds a huge value among my collections so far.


Two things: food and music. I am a total foodie and often hang out with my friends during the weekends to go on a munching spree. I also love listening to music. Currently, tuning into a lot Eric Clapton tracks.


Personally, I feel it isn’t as good as I know it can be. I don’t find many user-centric works of art (more of the designs) reflected in Manipur. However, I know this for a fact that there’s a plethora of good and talented artist in our hometown but only a handful get the opportunity to shine while most don’t get what they deserve due to lack of exposure and support. I am not a visionary person but I wish to see my hometown as a place that appreciates and values artists from all spheres of expertise. In short, artists in Manipur should be more aware of what’s taking place around them and come up with artworks and design ideas which not only will improve Manipur but will unite many great minds together (by bringing a shift in the perspective of the public through their artwork with a meaning and to make them understand that a little support can go a long way.)


Oja Imobi is a painter from Uripok, Imphal. He makes some of the most amazing works which I look up to and has also received quite a recognition in the field of art across India. He has given me a lot of ideas as well and I find his style and nature of work very unique. Another such person is Linthoi Chanu, the author of “The Tales of Kanglei Throne” who also happens to be my cousin sister. She is a young aspiring and talented writer/novelist and I would highly recommend everyone to also look at her work and give her your support.


Digital paintings and illustrations are some of the things which I’ll be taking up very soon.

We are so glad to have met local budding artists like Yaiphahenba and get to see his amazing artworks, we wish him the best!

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Shillong’s own mathrock quartet Sky Level releases its long-awaited debut EP entitled Time.

Two keen mathrock music enthusiast, Denzil Swer and Sonny Taba, introduced this unevenly structured genre of music with irregular patterns and unpredictable polyrhythms to their bandmates of Sky Level and made them dig more into it. The bunch soon began to jam to the likes of Toe, Tom’s Story, Chon, and Lite. In no time, they started to pick up on odd-time signature moves and write their own materials and play live in and around the Northeast regions of the country.

Founded in 2014, with the intention of playing original music, Sky Level is Sonny Taba, and Meban Lyngdoh on guitars, Pynshai Kharchandy on bass and Denzil Swer on drums after a few changes in their lineup over the past. Being the only mathrock outfit in the whole North East India (In a country where mathrock is still very new), Sky Level is one of the most underrated band in the NE regions. It’ll be extremely surprising for many to find out that the quartet has been playing live for almost 4 years now and they have bagged titles in big music events such as Meghalaya Icon 5 (2014) and Mood Indigo Bombay (2016), have made appearances in giant music festivals of NE India such as Music For Change, Rocktober Fest, Orange Festival, Ziro Music Festival and many more on top of opening for Crown The Empire (Texas, US) at IIT Bombay in 2016.

Time is a complete DIY project. It was recorded and edited by Denzil, the drummer of the band. Their mutual friend Jacob P’nlook help them out with the mixing and mastering processes. The band has come a super challenging yet creative way on making this release possible. Even the release date had to be delayed for a few months due to the unceasing production works that band had to cover on their own. “It has been quite difficult for us to cope up with everything as we wanted the best effects for our EP. The hard work was challenging but worthy”, quoted Denzil Swer.

Time (EP): Tracklisting:

  1. Friday Jam
  2. Indigo
  3. Rollercoaster
  4. Time

Recorded & Edited by Denzil Swer.

Mixed & Mastered by Jacob P’nlook.

Artwork by Rui Xing.

Teaser Video & Graphics by Jerry Chen.

Time is available for online purchases and streaming on the various music streaming websites below: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Saavn, Gaana, Google Play Music, Deezer and OK Listen.

Now that the EP is out on all major music streaming sites, the band is working on releasing the physical copies soon. A giant EP promotional tour is also in the pipeline for the band before they get back to writing new materials for more releases in the near future.

Best wishes to Sky Level!

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GETTING CANDID with JENY RAJKUMARI (Travel & Yoga Enthusiast)

Name: Jeny Rajkumari

Age: 28 years

Hobby: Travel, Yoga, Acroyoga, Street Workouts & Photography.

Occupation: Software Engineer at FWD, Hong Kong.

City: Imphal, Manipur. (Currently in Hong Kong)


I’m Jeny (J-E-N-Y; with just a single ‘N’) and I grew up as the middle child of a typical middle-class family in Imphal, Manipur. After completing school at LFS and RKSDV, Imphal, I then proceeded to pursue an Engineering degree (IT) in Bhubaneshwar from KIIT University. Right after college, I started working for HP for few months until I got through a campus placement for HCL, Chennai. After almost three years with HCL, I landed a relocation opportunity for Hong Kong in October ‘16 and that’s where it all started for me.


It was probably the trip to Shimoga (Karnataka) with my dad and my younger brother in July 2015 that made me want to explore more places and document them changing my whole perspective towards travel. But the first accidental solo trip to Gokarna later that same year in November when one of my friends kind of ditched me and I ended up travelling and exploring north Goa all by myself was when I actually discovered the thrilling affair of travelling solo for the first time and ever since I’ve been  mostly travelling solo.


It was August last year, 2017, when I was probably the unhealthiest in my life. I was going through a really difficult time in my personal life and was mostly surviving on junk food, and had put on weight. It was then I realized that I needed to make a positive change in my lifestyle. I needed a home to go back to, to reconstruct myself each time I fell down. Yoga is now that home for me.

Initially, I started it as a way to reduce weight and be fit and the routines seemed cool. However, the more I practiced I fell more in love with it. I was continually surprised as I discovered the capabilities of my body that I had only dreamt of thus far. I was also introduced to Acroyoga late in December last year by a friend and have been jamming regularly ever since with the Hong Kong acro jam community every Sunday. I’m self-taught and continue to learn from YouTube channels and Instagram and now the people I meet in my street workouts or Acroyoga jams.

My yoga journey is an integral part of who I am since it’s given me strength during difficult times. I would also love to start teaching yoga in the near future. There are many benefits of the practice and I’d love to share them with people by hosting events back home (when I feel I’m ready) to encourage them to start practicing it. Likewise, meditation has helped me immensely in my practice. 


Every morning I start my day with a glass of lemon, warm water and honey, enjoy a healthy breakfast, practice Sun salutations for atleast 30 mins, cook for the day (I pack my own lunch and dinner, too, on days where I have to work late), learn something new at work, come back home and practice yoga for another 2-3 hours squeezing in a 15 mins HIIT workout, talk to the important people in my life and then hit the bed before 1 am. In between if I get time to write or read something, my day would be extremely productive. LOL!


Meeting  new people and immersing yourself into the local cultures and diversity is the best thing about travelling. You get to learn so many things on your travels from people you meet along the road. The worst thing is, yes, it’s expensive, and not everyone considers it accessible. Second, staying away from my friends and family most of the time and missing out on their special occasions at home thus failing to keep up with them as much as I’d like to.


You’ll always find my phone, power bank, lipstick, kajal, etc. but it usually depends on what I go out for. For hiking and other outdoor activities, I carry my Nikon D3300 camera and its accessories (10-20mm wide-angle Nikkor lens, 35mm and 50mm prime lens, ML3 remote and a compact traveler tripod from Rollei) with which I manage to take my own pictures along with a phone stand and GoPro Hero5 Black. My mat has to be my most essential stuff along with the phone if I go out for fitness workouts.


I’d totally go back to those beautiful 7 days of Island life in Andaman with my best friend when we almost cut off the rest of the world and immersed ourselves in the place. Also, my solo venture in Vietnam last year where I stayed with a Hmong family in a village in  Sa Pa, Vietnam for 4 days in bare minimum conditions and lived like a local for those days. A lovely host in Hanoi warmly housed me during my visit there.


In February 2018, I came back to India for a friend’s wedding in Delhi and stayed at home for about 4 and a half days. I haven’t travelled much in my hometown per se but I remember this unforgettable trip to Dzukou valley with a bunch of my friends. We stayed in Paomata in Senapati for a night before our trek to Dzukou valley and it was one wonderful experience.


I look forward to a lot of things – in terms of work and my personal life. Mastering handstand, fighting away the fear of swimming in deep water, picking up with my travelling scores which has sadly been low of late (so explore China more), improving my Acroyoga skills, hopefully run a full marathon (42.195K), prep for my first yoga teaching class that I intend to start someday and seeing my parents here in Hong Kong are on the list. Also, seeing my abs for the first time in my life. LOL!

It was an absolute delight having Jeny onboard as Disclosures’ first storyteller. We wish her the best in all her future endeavours.

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A Monochrome Life

Ever wondered how this world would look when the light stops to emit or reflect from the objects around us?

Instagrammer ‘The Noir Experiment’ tries to capture the beauty of nature around us with its unique way of capturing photographs in the absence of color, name and faces of people. The images are simple yet powerful in a very self-pertaining manner screaming out tiny stories of random things that takes place around us in our daily lives yet goes unnoticed to most people.

The Instagramer seems to follow a strict protocol with its captioning game while uploading the images. Each image is uploaded under the three verses: Perspectives, Conceptions and Counterparts relating to outdoor photography, indoor photography and images of the significant other respectively. It is more interesting to figure out that the page tries to keep it low-key by avoiding hastags. But we firmly believe the works on the page deserve more love.

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