Seven Years of S C X N E Official Merchandise

Seven Years of SCXNE Official Merchandise by TNLA Originals Unisex Cotton T-shirt.

On 25 October 2013, we started this journey as a DIY North East music promotional blog on @tumblr writing music reviews and music release updates, taking pictures at local shows and blogging gig stories, interviewing artists and bands, formulating out-stationed shows and tours for homegrown bands, supporting touring artists in our region, curating tiny in-house live gigs inside Imphal and Kohima, and doing everything that we could do to support the local music scene, and it has been the best life-changing experience!

On this wild ride of 7 years, we have had a bunch of amazing people come and go in our small family and we are eternally grateful to every one of them who made it all possible. What started as a tiny family of music promoters back in 2013 has now grown up to be a beautiful community of music enthusiasts from all across North-East India.

Today, S C X N E (read as scene) is all of us– you, me, artists, musicians, music promoters, event organisers, supporters, live music venues, recording studios and production houses, redefining and representing the local music scene of NE as a whole and keeping it real and kicking! We are S C X N E.

In celebration of the 7 years journey, we are releasing our first official merchandise – a little something to give ourselves an identity in the world. So, keepers of the local music scxne, let’s spread the word and make this huge! 

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Phone Wallpapers for Local Business

Ever thought of customising your cellphone’s wallpaper or lock screen with something of your own creation? Tried using the logo of your brand or band but didn’t meet the exact fit?

How about we help you in getting the perfect customised wallpaper of your own choice? Send us you brand logo and the model of your cellphone.

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TWENTY NINE LIVES APPAREL CO. – An urban streetwear brand based out of Imphal, Manipur, IN. Shipping available all across India.

TNLA Originals / Legacy / Unisex T-shirt

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TNLA Originals / We Still Kill The Old Way / Unisex T-shirt

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Re-defining Meraki.

Meraki (Mee- Rah-Kee)
(v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into work.
The word ‘meraki’ bears a captivating meaning to itself and also sounds strongly alluring to the ears when we hear it.
At Meraki Studios, we define ‘our’ meraki as:
(v.) to do or help someone do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into work or into supporting others with their works.