What’s Brewing

Sofar Sounds finally made its way to Imphal.

Sofar Sounds (an acronym for Songs From A Room) is an expanding global community of artists and music lovers reimagining live events through curated, secret performances in intimate settings all around the world. Imphal is also now a part of this beautiful secret series gigs happening in more than 387 cities worldwide.

It started in London in March 2009 when Rafe Offer, Rocky Start and Dave J. Alexander who went to a Friendly Fires concert and became annoyed by people talking over the music, gazing into their Smartphones or hearing the clanging of beer bottles. As a consequence, they decided to put on their own gig in Alexander’s North London flat and invited eight friends over to listen to him play five songs in his living room. Now Sofar Sounds is live in more than 387 cities pulling up more than 500 such intimate gigs in a month worldwide. 


Anybody can apply on the Sofar Sounds website to be a guest, host or perform at any Sofar gig. The relevant city team will review the applications and get in touch with the applicants for further processes.

Typically, three artists perform at each Sofar gig with no “opener” and no “headliner”. Performers apply to be considered via a form on the website. Musicians of all genres as well as spoken word poets, comedians and even dancers are welcome to apply. Local Sofar Sounds lead ambassadors/bookers and their review committees and music scouts curate the evenings. The line-up for a concert is not disclosed until the event starts; the location (often a private living room with an average size of 70 people) is announced 24 hours before the show. Guests arrive on time for the first act and are encouraged to stay for the entire show. Events are normally BYOB, and the emphasis is placed on the crowd being respectful – switching off their phones and listening. Sofar Sounds also claims that highlighting headline acts encourages people to turn up late and not respect the other performers, so that is why all artists are being treated equal. Artists are often filmed, with the edited video uploaded to the Sofar Sounds YouTube channel and shared on the website.

Sofar Sounds Imphal

Imphal made its debut Sofar Sound gig on 27th August 2017 featuring two amazing local acts – Atingkok, an alternative folk band and a dream-pop/shoegaze trio Lo! Peninsula at Books & Cofee, Singjamei. The turn up for the gig was not much since it was the first-ever Sofar gig for Imphal but secret gig resulted in a promising impression on the music lovers of the city who were a part of the whole new complete organic environment dedicated only to music alone. 

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To register for upcoming gigs in Imphal: Sofar Sounds Imphal