We believe in connecting with people – to interact, know and learn about them better. And more, we love to let the world know about their innovative works and the meaningful existence.
So, we invite people to our studio or visit them and record them share their soulful stories over a mug of beer in our live talk show “The Beer Break”.
So, if you think you have an interesting story to share then this space is all yours, just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll schedule a hang out with you right on our set or we’ll just drop in at your own spaces.
We release one of such cool hang-out videos online every Saturday on our YouTube Channel. Go like and subscribe it already.

We cover the following sphere for our live talk show:
• Art, Music & Entertainment
• Technology & Studies
• Entrepreneurship
Not only we’ll make you sit and share your beautiful stories but we have countless sidelines right on the set, so gear yourself up with wisdom, wit and creativity because we’re really good at it.

Does not sound possible for a face-to-face interaction or just wish to share your original contents without the hassles of interaction?  No issues, our inboxes are always open for you and we are always up for online interaction with people through texts, calls, e-mails, or Skype and FaceTime; just let us know how you want it to be and we’ll carry out a creative way of sharing your stories through our storyboard entitled “Disclosures.

Ready to make the whole world your audience? Leave us a message.