Our 18 Best Picks From Music Videos Released In 2018!

2018 was such a smasher year in local music scene of North Eastern India. From International music bands playing at local music festivals to umpteen national acts from metro cities making mini-tours exploring this part of the country, and not to mention, the countless local acts releasing singles, EPs and dropping music videos all year round, it was indeed a year of musical strike  in the local music scene . We saw various local independent artists releasing not just one but multiple music videos in 2018 which speaks for itself about the speedy gear-shifts coming up this year.

From the ocean of music videos released last year, we have handpicked 18 music videos, not based on the number of views on YouTube, the phenomenal VFX or CGI inputs nor the riveting drama and plot behind the video, but how incredibly they jammed with us throughout the year. Here’s our 18 best picks from 2018 (in chronological order):

Pelenuo Yhome – Build A Story (January 4 // The Rec.current, Kohima)

Fame The Band – Autumn (January 19 // Jamsteady X Blooperhouse Studios, Kolkata)

Lai Lik Lei – Eshei (February 19 // Studio Dominance, Imphal)

The Twin Effect – Chasing Shadows (March 23, Dimapur)

Avora Records – Sunday (April 22 // Good Noise Ent, Aizawl)

Fireflood – Rains (May 12 // Tinted Light Studio, Dimapur)

Tali Angh – City Of Lights (May 26 // San Production, Kohima)

Lucid Reccess – Blindmen (July 12 // Lucid Recess Studio, Guwahati)

Featherheads – Haokui (July 25 // The Dialog Media, Ukhrul)

Big Ri & Meba Ofilia – Done Talking (July 27 // Mix & Flow Productions, Shillong)

Avora Records – 23:00 (August 8 // Kings And Prophets Studios, Aizawl)

Lo! Peninsula – Another Divine Joke (August 11, Imphal)

Lateral – Hepaah (August 11 // Lucid Recess Studios, Guwahati)

Sacred Secrecy – Shitanagar (August 16, Itanagar)

Blue Temptation – Blessing (August 17, Shillong)

Lily – Unchained (August 25 // W-50 Muzik, Shillong)

Matilda & The Quest – Thinlung Hliam (September 30 // BigFuz & Quest Productions, Aizawl)

Joshua Shohe & Zonimong Imchen – Never Let You Down (December 1 // The Rec.current & San Production)

We hope to see more of such amazing music video releases this year to make 2019 more remarkable! Godspeed!

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