Polar Lights comes back with brand new single ‘Fallout’ after two years!

Dimapur’s Indie-rock giants Polar Lights dropped off a brand new single ‘Fall Out‘ last Saturday after two years since their EP ‘Talking To The Trees.’ And, we got to admit, it was definitely worth the wait.

We had a brief chat with the band here’s what they quoted, “Talking To The Trees came out October of 2016. So, it’s been about two years since we last put out fresh material. A lot has changed since then. We have Moa Pongen, filling in on drum duties now, one of us just recently got married and we’ve just been touring a lot. 

Fallout’ was born out of the experiences and all of the things we’ve had to through as people and as musicians. We began writing for it in January and took us maybe about a month to have it ready for production. The production work took us a little more time than expected. We just wanted to it right sonically. 

We’re working on putting out more material before the year comes to a close and maybe an album by mid-summer of next year. But definitely more music, more videos and definitely more tours.”

We wish Polar Lights the best for their upcoming projects. Now, you can get their brand new single ‘Fallout’ for free download on their official website www.polarlightsband.comor www.indihutlive.com. It’s available for stream on YouTube and soon on Spotify and Apple Music as well.

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