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Seven Years of SCXNE Official Merchandise by TNLA Originals Unisex Cotton T-shirt.

On 25 October 2013, we started this journey as a DIY North East music promotional blog on @tumblr writing music reviews and music release updates, taking pictures at local shows and blogging gig stories, interviewing artists and bands, formulating out-stationed shows and tours for homegrown bands, supporting touring artists in our region, curating tiny in-house live gigs inside Imphal and Kohima, and doing everything that we could do to support the local music scene, and it has been the best life-changing experience!

Phone Wallpapers for Local Business

Ever thought of customising your cellphone’s wallpaper or lock screen with something of your own creation? Tried using the logo of your brand or band but didn’t meet the exact fit?

How about we help you in getting the perfect customised wallpaper of your own choice? Send us you brand logo and the model of your cellphone.


TWENTY NINE LIVES APPAREL CO. – An urban streetwear brand based out of Imphal, Manipur, IN. Shipping available all across India.

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Re-defining Meraki.

Meraki (Mee- Rah-Kee)
(v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into work.
The word ‘meraki’ bears a captivating meaning to itself and also sounds strongly alluring to the ears when we hear it.
At Meraki Studios, we define ‘our’ meraki as:
(v.) to do or help someone do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into work or into supporting others with their works.

Reduce, Recycle & Reuse Today For A Plastic-Free Tomorrow

Plastic products which were once our savior are now becoming our own biggest threat. The accumulation of plastic products in the Earth’s environment affecting the living organisms dwelling on the surface of the Earth is termed as plastic pollution and it has become one of the most concerning pollution in the world today. It can afflict land, waterways, oceans, and air when burnt in the open air. From the beginning of plastic production in the 1950s up to 2018, an estimated 6.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced worldwide, of which an estimated 9% has been recycled and another 12% has been incinerated. As of 2018, about 380 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide every year. India alone produces about 25,940 tons of plastic and more than 97,000 tons of solid waste per day. Earlier this year, on World Environment Day, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on the world to fight plastic pollution and other environmental pollution. We all are aware of the ill-effects of plastic pollution but no one is actually investing their own time and energy in this battle against plastic but using plastic products in almost every aspect of our daily chores and we cannot blame them, too. Plastic in various forms has now become an integral part of human lives that we don’t know how to get rid of it. We all use plastic in some form or the other in everything that we use or do. Now, we cannot imagine a world without plastic. But if we don’t act now then, by the time we all come to our right senses, it might be too late for us. We just cannot stop using plastic right away and replace it with something better but we definitely can find and use alternatives where possible so as to reduce the usage and production of plastic in the world. So, below listed are some of the alternatives that we all can use or try in place of plastic products:

  • Use Reusable Straws, Spoons, Cups & Plates: Instead of using plastic straws, spoons, cups, and plates, carry and use your own stainless-steel straws and spoons, paper cups and paper plates or other reusable products whenever you eat outside.
  • Carry Reusable Bottles: Plastic bottles take 450-1000 years to decompose and 1 million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute around the world. Now, imagine the number of water bottles that must have been discarded every day. So, carry glass or stainless-steel bottles instead of purchasing water bottles every time you need drinking water.
  • Carry Bags: Carrying your own canvas and reusable carry bags made of cotton, jute, hemp, nylon, and leather are best alternatives to plastic shopping bags. Most of these bags are lightweight, customizable with your own designs and easy to carry wherever you travel.
  • Pre-Cycle & Recycle: Learning the basic knowledge of pre-cycle and recycle processes of waste management will certainly help us in fighting plastic pollution as our daily waste also contributes to a large amount of plastic pollution. Pre-cycling is the practice of determining the right number of products that are essential and products that comes in plastic packages and finding ways to avoid them or at least minimize them. It’s about making the best decisions from the choices that are available to us such as picking up vegetables from local farmers market carrying our own reusable bag, buying milk in a glass or stainless-steel bottles, carrying canvas tote bags while shopping instead of expecting plastic bags from stores and vendors, etc. Recycling is the process of transforming waste products into new materials and objects. Not only plastic products but there are various materials that can be recycled viz. glass, paper, cardboard, metal, tires, textiles, and electronics. So, we need to get such waste to the respective recycling facilities instead of just dumping it along with other waste products.
  • Our 18 Best Picks From Music Videos Released In 2018!

    2018 was such a smasher year in local music scene of North Eastern India. From International music bands playing at local music festivals to umpteen national acts from metro cities making mini-tours exploring this part of the country, and not to mention, the countless local acts releasing singles, EPs and dropping music videos all year round, it was indeed a year of musical strike  in the local music scene . We saw various local independent artists releasing not just one but multiple music videos in 2018 which speaks for itself about the speedy gear-shifts coming up this year.

    From the ocean of music videos released last year, we have handpicked 18 music videos, not based on the number of views on YouTube, the phenomenal VFX or CGI inputs nor the riveting drama and plot behind the video, but how incredibly they jammed with us throughout the year. Here’s our 18 best picks from 2018 (in chronological order):

    Pelenuo Yhome – Build A Story (January 4 // The Rec.current, Kohima)

    Fame The Band – Autumn (January 19 // Jamsteady X Blooperhouse Studios, Kolkata)

    Lai Lik Lei – Eshei (February 19 // Studio Dominance, Imphal)

    The Twin Effect – Chasing Shadows (March 23, Dimapur)

    Avora Records – Sunday (April 22 // Good Noise Ent, Aizawl)

    Fireflood – Rains (May 12 // Tinted Light Studio, Dimapur)

    Tali Angh – City Of Lights (May 26 // San Production, Kohima)

    Lucid Reccess – Blindmen (July 12 // Lucid Recess Studio, Guwahati)

    Featherheads – Haokui (July 25 // The Dialog Media, Ukhrul)

    Big Ri & Meba Ofilia – Done Talking (July 27 // Mix & Flow Productions, Shillong)

    Avora Records – 23:00 (August 8 // Kings And Prophets Studios, Aizawl)

    Lo! Peninsula


    Full Name: Potsangbam Linthoingambi Chanu

    Age: 23

    Artistry: Author/Writer

    Neighbourhood: Uripok Sorbon Thingel, Imphal

    Last month, we had the opportunity to catch up with the Supergirl behind the book ‘The Tales Of Kanglei Throne‘ that has been quite the talk-of-the-town recently, Linthoi Chanu from Uripok, Imphal, and talk about her book and all the hurdles she had in making it possible. Read on.


    Born on 15th August 1995, I grew up at Uripok Sorbon Thingel, Imphal. I completed my Master’s Degree in English Literature from Pondicherry University. Our family is perhaps a versatile one in a sense that my mother is a Balshree awardee and also a state awardee in her art of Potloi making and my youngest sister is an international award-winning classical dancer. I have four sisters and am the second child. I never met my real paternal grandparents but my relatives told me that my grandfather was a writer too! He established an institute called ‘Jagoi Marup’, a club for performing artists of the early 70s and wrote many pamphlets on cultural themes of Manipur but they said none of his works were formally published. I wished I met him.


    Honestly, I have been writing since I could remember! (I still have old manuscripts to prove this). But I guess a lot comes from my foster grandpa (not a real one) who used to feed my young brain with all sorts of weird stories.


    Yes, to write down thoughts and imagination is a pure passion but publishing is altogether a different universe. As a newbie author, my publishing journey completely shook me, but am glad I got the courage to break it down and let my thoughts into prints. I shall give a lot of my credit to my editor Pabung R.K. Nimai for supporting me about my decision on publication. If not for him, my work would have never got printed.


    The funny thing about my writing is that I can’t schedule a part of my daily routine to focus on writing. Sometimes, I sit in front of my laptop, staring at the blank screen for hours! And on other faithful days, my brain just burst out with several thoughts at a time and I had to drop everything whatever I was doing and run for my laptop or notepad. This can be called a productive day in writing. Wish it comes often.


    My book ‘The Tales of Kanglei Throne’ is based on the ancient manuscripts of Manipur (Puya) and other popular folktales in our community. I started working on the research for my personal knowledge and other academic projects, but somewhere in the journey, several ideas began to weave up into a comforting imagination and I began to write it all down with a charted plotline and character sketch.

    The book contains four sections under the title: –

    1. Khamnung, the underworld
    2. The serpent king
    3. The colossal bird
    4. The exiled prince

    Each section is based on one or two of the puyas transliterated mostly by Chanam Hemchandra with their archaic titles. However, I have framed for all the four to be interconnected as a line of succession of the heroes on the throne of Kanglei.


    My personal favourite is the third chapter, the colossal bird and it is also the only section that had never been retouched since the first draft. I loved the fight scene between the Kakyel and the two princes.


    It took time and me with less of most of the things to have a public influence made my book difficult to wave its presence but with patience and optimistic hope, I waited and do receive a lot of appreciation and support from my readers and other influencing individuals. To name one among these individuals, our Honorable Speaker himself recommended the book for the Legislative library after reading one of my articles and the synopsis of the book.


    We need more writers to create more readers. The reading habits in our society are indeed expanding and I hope to see a conscious community of intellectual citizens in the future who value the power of literature and art to mankind as a whole.


    Presently, am reading Supernatural by Graham Hancock. Been reading this for a year now, I would recommend this to anyone who’s curious about human existence.


    I know publishing is a whole new daring step but never give up and you will be there before you know it. Trust your creativity.


    A good day for me is having deep intellectual talks with my close friends and family or having a nice home cooked meal with good music.


    Currently, the book is available in or will be available in one of the following bookstores: –

  • Books And Coffee, Singjamei Thokchom Leikai
  • Horizon, Lamphel Supermarket, Shop no. 11.
  • Ukiyo Bookstore, Thouda Babok Leikai, opp. Sangai Express. (Hope it open soon!)

    Name: Yaiphahenba Laishram

    Age: 25

    Occupation: Illustrator

    City: Imphal


    I’m Yaiphahenba Laishram and I come from a small family of five members; my parents, me and my three younger siblings. Dad works as a senior accountant in MGT TATA MOTORSand Mom as an LDC in Lamphel Minor Irrigation Department Manipur. I have completed my masters in Visual Communication Design from the Institute of DAIICT, Gujarat and I am currently on the lookout for a suitable Graphic Designing job in Bangalore.